Anthony Herda, PE, MBA

Water Resources & Environmental Engineering Planning Manager


MBA, Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, California, 2014
B.S. in Civil Engineering with emphasis on Environmental Systems Design, California State University, Sacramento, Sacramento, California, 2007
Bachelor of Music in Music Composition, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California, 1991 

California Professional Civil Engineer P.E. No. 78205


Mr. Anthony Herda offers extensive experience in water resources and environmental engineering, specializing in water master planning, capital planning, urban water management planning, forensics and peer review, conceptual design, preliminary design and multi-disciplinary studies. Mr. Herda’s diverse background includes the humanities, civil engineering and business management. The skill sets associated with these fields of study are well suited to multi-disciplinary research and analysis. As an engineering planner, Mr. Herda routinely evaluates and applies all pertinent scientific, engineering, organizational, financial, demographic, economic, regulatory and legal aspects pertaining to successful project delivery of engineering planning services.
Mr. Herda is a certified business consultant through the Gensysy Group, Inc. offering stakeholder facilitation and vision-based strategic planning services to organizations and in support of engineering projects.

Normalization of External Factors Impacting Water Conservation Monitoring
Presented at American Water Works Associate 2015 Annual Conference and Exposition
Approach to Cylindrical Steel Tank Design to Accommodate Sloshing Effects
Presented at American Society of Civil Engineer’s 2013 EWRI World Environmental Resources Congress  



City of Arcadia, CA – Project Manager for the 2015 Water Master Plan including development of a capital improvement plan, recommendations for water conservation planning and monitoring, recommendations for development of water infrastructure asset management database, projection of water system impacts from future development.

Upland, CA – Development of vision-based strategic plan for the San Antonio Water Company through a stakeholder facilitation process involving shareholders, management and operations.

Preparer of 2010 Urban Water Management Plans for the City of La Verne, the City of Vernon, Valley County Water District, Orchard Dale Water District, and San Antonio Water Company.