Water is our most valuable resource. Management and protection of water resources will continue to be a focal point in the State of California.  KWC’s water goals focus on integrated water resource planning, producing sustainable solutions in rainfall capture, reuse, recycle, recharge, water supply, and water quality.

Joining the KWC Team in 2015, Mr. Anthony Herda, PE, MBA, assists public and private agencies with all aspects of water resources planning.  KWC now brings a high level of experience with modeling and analysis techniques as well as expertise in the latest practices for water resource management. 


  • Vision-based Strategic Planning
  • Water Resources Engineering
  • Water Master Planning
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Infrastructure Asset Management
  • Future and Aging Facility Management  
  • Water Management Planning
  • WSA/WSV Preparation and Peer Review
  • Environmental Documentation
  • Mitigated Negative Declaration Preparation and Review
  • Capital Improvement Planning
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Multi-Disciplinary Research/Study
  • Water Conservation Planning
  • Project/Program Conceptualization
  • Integrated Water Resources Planning
  • Potable Water, Recycled Water, Storm Water, Ground Water
  • Economic and Financial Studies
  • Stakeholder Facilitation/Outreach
  • Strategic Approach Benefiting All Stakeholders
  • Hydraulic and Hydrologic Studies
  • Change Management Consulting