KWC Survey & Mapping

KWC Engineers' survey department utilizes the latest survey technologies to provide accurate and reliable field data and coordination. Our GPS and automatic laser tracking systems allow our crews to quickly produce highly accurate stake points for construction, and provide data-rich files for analysis and processing. Services range from boundary reconnaissance to construction applications. 

Boundary Reconnaissance & Monumentation  

  • ALTA Surveying and Plan Preparation

  • Record Documentation and Research

  • Property Line Reconnaissance

  • Monumentation Research and Location

  • Boundary Establishment

  • Aerial Topography and Aerial Targets

KWC Mapping Services

  • Title Report Document Review

  • Legal Descriptions and Plat Maps

  • Tract Maps, Parcel Maps and Records of Survey

  • Lot Line Adjustments

  • City/County Annexations

  • Record of Survey

  • Tract Maps/Parcel Maps

  • Easement Plotting

  • Deed and Easement Analysis

  • Rights easements Review

  • Street Vacations

  • Boundary Survey and Analysis


KWC Construction Staking


  • Improvement Plan Staking

    • Water

    • Sewer

    • Storm Drain

    • Grading

      • Mass

      • Rough

      • Precise

  • Wet and Dry Utility Staking

  • Precise Grade Certification

  • Form Certification

  • Building/Foundation Staking

  • Slope Staking

  • On-Call Surveying Services